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For Federations and JCCs

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The Community

As a Jewish Federation or JCC, you are positioned to be the local Convener of Jlive for your community.  You are effectively bringing Jlive to life in your city and promoting it to local organizations and individuals.  You will have access to a wealth of anonymized data from across the entire community.  

Community-wide Data

Jlive follows a User Centric design, resulting in greater adoption with broader and more useful data than past "data-centric" platforms.

Jlive enables data visibility across many organizations and communities.
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Data Warehouse

Jlive maintains a secure Data Warehouse with anonymized information about our all Users and Registrants. 

We provide unique access to data-points that are most likely unattainable without Jlive.

Trends Report

What good is lots of data if you aren't able to extract useful insights? 

Don't worry because Jlive utilizes data scientists to analyze our vast data and compile it into a readable report with actionable takeaways to guide programming, community planning and philanthropic investment.
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Jlive can easily integrate with 1000s of services including popular CRMs and Email platforms using our integration with

Also, with help from our integration partners, Brightvine Solutions, we have developed a custom BBCRM integration.

Ready for prime-time

Jlive has been operational in Detroit and Montreal for nearly 2 years.  During this time we have worked hand-in-hand with the local Federations and organizations.  Together we created dozens of useful new features optimized to meet their needs. We have resolved the bugs and issues that were sure to arise during the initial Beta phase.  To date, Jlive has supported hundreds of organizations and thousands of registrations.  
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